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Do Open Houses Work in Fishers, Indiana?

Many Fishers clients of mine ask me when I am putting their home up for sale, whether or not they should have an open house?    Open houses can be effective when you have the proper house with the following criteria:

1)Priced at or below market value

2)Open house is right when the home comes on the market(or before)

3)Close to a main road(easy to advertise by signs-(if it is in the back of the neighborhood very few will find it)

4)In perfect condition(clean, neutral, updated, etc.)

5)Heavily marketed online(facebook,craigslist,,,, various real estate websites, etc.)

If the home does not meet most or all of these criteria most likely the turnout will be small and the majority of the people who will come are nosy neighbors or people who have to sell their home first(and they had to get out of their home that day while their agent held it open).   

If your home does meet these factors open houses can be successful.  We have sold homes in open  houses or sparked interest so the buyers came back at a later date and purchased the home.  Happy Selling!

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Boating on Geist Reservoir

Geist Reservoir is one of the best places in Fishers, Indiana, within 30 minutes of downtown Indianapolis, to boat.   Geist is a larger reservoir made out of Fall Creek.     I have been boating on Geist Reservoir since I was 16 years old and it is one of my favorite activities.  In fact, when deciding where to build my home, I wanted to live in a neighborhood within a few minute commute to my boat dock.     The marina offers boat slip rentals annually and they run on average around $1800 a season.    If you want a lift it is slightly more.  

The lake allows all types of boats(sailboats, ski boats, and pontoons).    I have a ski boat    The Indianapolis Yacht Club is located on Geist Reservoir as well if you want to boat and belong to a club.     On summer weekends boating is pretty crowded and going to the cove is your best option for still water and lot of relaxation/swimming!   The deepest and widest part of the lake is down by the damn on the Marion County side.  For skiing/wakeboarding go early in the morning, on the weekdays, and in the evenings!    Regardless of your interests, boating on Geist is a great reason to live in Fishers!

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If you are considering living on the lake, but want to experience the boating lifestyle first call The Andrew Neal Group at 317-850-3771 to arrange a private boat tour, or call us and we will tell you all about it!

DealwithNeal in Fishers/Geist!

Zogurts, a new and unique Fishers/Geist frozen yogurt shop!

Zogurts is a great place to go for frozen yogurt.    It just recently opened this year in the shopping center at the Northwest corner of Brookschool and Fall Creek in Geist.       Recently I went there with my son after getting off a hot boat ride on Geist, and we both loved it!   I was expecting a tyical ice cream/frozen yogurt place where they take your order and hand you the ice cream.  Instead I found a very orignal concept!   You walk in and you grab your own large cup and choose from their wide assortment of frozen yogurts and fill it yourself.   You then proceed to a buffet where you can pick out and put on your own toppings such as sprinkles, fruit, and hot fudge(a huge selection to choose from!)  They weigh the cup after you are done piling on whatever you want and charge you by the ounce, which seemed very affordable.  It was delicious!    This place was busy at 3 p.m. in the afternoon!      Go check out zogurts soon if you want a unique and refreshing change to your dessert experience in the Fishers/Geist area!

Brooks School Park in Fishers, a great place to bring the kids!

Brooks School Park is a great place to bring the kids in East Fishers Indiana  It is located just north of 116th and Brookschool in Fishers on the Westside of Brooks School.       I just took my 2 1/2 year old son Matthew to the park yesterday and we had a great time.  The town of Fishers just added a huge new playground(3 stories tall) with soft flooring surrounding it for saftey.    The park also offers a gazebo for parties and picnics, a creek that kids walk in searching for fish, a basketball court, and a large field.    It was crowded but not overcrowded making it a great time for my son.  There are many neighborhoods within walking distance such as the Sandstone communities and Gray Eagle.       I highly recommend checking out Brooks School Park, one of many fun activites offered to East Fishers residents.  

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Great Playground!

Casler’s Kitchen & Bar, a Great Place to Eat in Fishers

Casler’s Kitchen & Bar is a local favorite restaurant in Fishers, Indiana.  Located just south of 116th and Olio Road in East Fishers, this is the place to go for a great lunch, dinner, or for drinks with family and friends.   Casler’s has a large bar area, and a large dining room for kids with games and the whole place is covered in flat screen tv’s to enjoy your favorite sporting event.   They have the best large booths for private dining!    The restaurant  has added an expansive patio which offers a great outdoor dining experience. 

They offers several specials including but not limited to:

Mondays- Kids Eat Free 5-9 p.m.

Tuesdays-$8.99 steak dinner

Wednesdays-.50 cent wings

Thursdays-Pizza and Pitcher Special

Sundays-.50 cent wings

……and daily drink specials

    I love going to this place.  Just last night, I called in my carryout order for my family of 4 to pick up dinner and they had it ready within 15 minutes and the food was excellent.    Whenever we go and dine there we always have a great experience.   Whenever a client of mine moves to Fishers, Indiana I always highly recommend dining at Casler’s!

Fishers Living on and around Geist Reservoir

Many of our clients want to enjoy the benefits of living in Fishers on and/or near Geist Reservoir.  Approximately half of Geist Reservoir is in Fishers and/or the Fishers School System(Hamilton Southeastern).   If you want to live in the Fishers and by or on Geist Reservoir you will want to look in the following neighborhoods:

Masthead-One of the original neighborhoods in Geist, Masthead offers custom homes with some of the most beautiful mature properties in Geist.  Part of Masthead is in Fishers and part is in Indianapolis.  Look in the northern part noth of 96 and Fall Creek for Fishers.   From mainbody lake homes to some really great value homes on the cove,   Masthead has options from everyone.   Currently there are 21 homes on the market starting at $221,500 for a 2126sqft ranch foreclosure up to $1.69 million for an 8691sqft waterfront mansion with expansive views of Geist.

Bridgewater-  Featuring HSE schools, this neighborhood has the best location in Geist in my opinion.   The neighborhood sits next to the marina and marina village, within easy walking distance to shopping and fine dining.  Many of the homes are waterfront or have deeded boat docks.  Currently there are 5 homes on the market ranging from $539,000 from a 5442 sqft home across the street from the water to 1.8 million for a 7000sqft Geist waterfront home.

Anchorage- One of the few gated communities, this offers the best value of homes for privacy,HSE schools, and location.   There currently are 3 homes on the market ranging from $475,000 for a 4894 sqft home off the water to 634,000 for a great custom home with deeded boat dock.

Cambridge-  One of the most infamous neighborhoods, which has reached national news with the pilot who stole millions of dollars from clients and faked his own death, this neighborhood borders Geist reservoir and always has a lot of homes for sale.   Currently there are 22 homes for sale ranging from $329,900 to 3.74 million.  This is a great Fishers school neighborhood if you like newer custom homes bordering the lake.

Canal Place-  If you want high end custom construction in Fishers schools, bordering Geist Reservoir, Canal place is the place to be.   Currently there are  8 homes on the market ranging from 449,900 to $950,000 for a waterfront mansion.

Watersedge- If you are looking for newer construction on the water, Wateredge near 104th and Olio Road in Fishers is right on Geist.  This neighborhood was built by Eaton.   There is one 3300 sqft waterfront condo on market for  $569,900.

Regardless of which neighborhood you choose, living in Fishers in the Geist area offers great living for all.  

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Forbes Ranks Fishers, Indiana Top 25 Suburb to Retire in U.S.

Fishers, Indiana is a great place to live.   Forbes is the most recent publication to recognize that Fishers, Indiana is one of the top 25 suburbs to retire in the United States.   As one of the top selling Real Estate Agents in Fishers, Indiana and a homeowner, I have to agree that Forbes got this right.   With the population aging and baby boomers retiring many of the Fishers area builders are turning towards low maintenance projects such as Highpoint Ridge, Del Webb, Saxony Townhomes, Wateredge Waterfront Condos, and Marina Village on Geist Reservoir.   Regardless of your price range you can get great units ranging from $100,000-$600,00+.    Forbes reports that Fishers has the lowest crime rate on the list and has one of the best in terms of Real Estate Value.   Congrats Fishers!

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Fishers Real Estate Summer Market Update

This summer for Fishers Indiana Real Estate has been a busy one.  As Fishers Real Estate Specialists, it has been an exciting summer in sales for The Andrew Neal Group so far.  We have sold many Fishers homes, and have sold many of our homeowner’s  properties for sale in record time.  There have been several instances of multiple offers on our properties as well, which has driven up the asking price.     In my opinion, Fishers, Indiana is the hottest Real Estate market in Indiana and one of the most solid markets in the U.S.   Here is a market snapshot of the inventory on the market and the amount of pendings since last summer.

Fishers Homes For Sale from July 2010-July 2011–  The amount of homes stays pretty steady in Fishers but the amount of unsold homes on the market is down 2.7% from July of 2010. 









Fishers Pendings(Homes under contract) from June 2010-June 2011- The amount of homes selling in Fishers from last summer to this summer is up 22.4%

How to Buy Your First Home

Buying your first home can be overwelming.    In our experience in representing many first time homebuyers we have developed a process that makes the process much easier.   We recommend you follow these steps when you are considering purchasing your first home:

1)Choose the right professional Real Estate Agent-  Make sure the agent is experienced in representing first time homebuyers and specializes in the market you are looking in.  For example, we at The Andrew Neal Group specialize in Fishers and Geist Residential Real Estate.  First time homebuyers contact us if they want someone that knows the best neighborhoods, type of home, which builders to use, etc.    The best way to determine this is to interview the agent over the phone or set up a buyer consulation at the agent’s office.

2)Get Preapproved for a Mortgage-   If you are going to finance your home one of the first steps is to call a Mortgage Broker or your bank to get qualified for a loan.  This is what we call getting preapproved.   You will be able to ask all the financing questions that you will have such as how much downpayment do I need, what interest rate, should I do a 15 or 30 year loan, and what is the monthly payment at certain price points.  Our Morgtage Broker John Murphy 317-679-8015 can speak with you over the phone or meet with you for a very short and informative consulation.  The mortgage broker runs your credit and asks qualifying questions.  The broker will then email you and your Realtor a letter saying you are qualified for up to a certain amount of loan.  

3)Research Properties Online-   Go to websites such as,, and  , to get an idea of what you are looking for and to figure out what you can get for the money.  This way you will be much more informed once you meet with your Real Estate Agent.

4)Setup a Time to View Properties For Sale-   With a list of properties compiled by you and your agent, you will be all set to go look at the best options available.   Take your time give yourself a morning or afternoon so that you don’t have to rush through the properties.

5)Take Notes-   We recommend you take notes on each property you look at.

6) Narrow Down the Options-     Pick the best 2 or 3 and inform your Realtor you would like to go out and see the homes for a second time.    This is the best way to take more time in your favorite properties and pay attention to details which you may have missed during the first showing.

7)Making an Offer to Purchase-  Once you have selected your favorite options have your agent run comparable sales(comps.) to figure out the market value.  Make a fair offer under market value and have your agent negotiate the best terms.

8)Order an Inspection-   Have your agent recommend 2-3 inspection companies and have an inspection.  Once you get the report, demand the major items to be fixed by the seller.

9)Do a Final Walk-Thru-  This is very important and should be done one or two days before closing.  Go back through the house with your agent and make sure all the items are fixed and the home is in the condition that you purchased it in.  This will protect you in case the seller has neglected it or has taken the refrigerator. 

10)Closing-   You will go the title company and sign all the paperwork.  After you have done this the house is yours! Congrats!

Following these steps will help your process be as painless as possible and will help you get the best house for the best price.   If you are looking in the Fishers, Indiana or surrounding areas and would like us to represent you feel free to fill out the contact form on the right hand side or call us at 317-814-5530.