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Should I Sell My Home Now or Wait?

Should I sell my home now or wait is a question many of my clients are asking?   I have been selling homes in Fishers, Geist, Carmel, Zionsville, and Northside Indy for 7 years and this is a great time to sell your home.   Many of my homes on the market are selling and in fact one of my properties right now has 3 offers on it causing a bidding war!    Many times in this situation homes sell for over asking price.  We just submitted an offer for a buyer client of ours on a house in Fishers that came on market the same day.  The photos/virtual tour were not even taken and my clients were making an offer to get their first home!

Althought prices have not rebounded all the way to 2006 levels, they are improving and there are a lot of buyers in the market looking for homes.  Interest rates are low and if you are moving to a bigger more expensive home now is the time.  Not only will you be able to sell your current home, you will lock a great interest rate, many times under 4%, and get a great deal on your move up home!   If you have been waiting to sell until things improved now is the time as well!  If you owe more then your home is worth we can help you short sale your home and save you from possible foreclosure.   Regardless of your situation we are your Real Estate pros on the Northside of Indy and surrounding suburbs!


Call me today at 317-371-8133 and I can give you a value of your current home and show you how to make a great Real Estate investment if you are looking to buy another home!


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Buying a Home on Geist Reservoir

Buying a home on Geist Reservoir is an exciting event in a families life.    Geist Reservoir is within 30 minutes of downtown Indianapolis, but it feels worlds away in the summertime with a vacation like atmosphere.  Many of the homes on the lake are like having your own personal resort!    Home sales on the lake have increased significantly in the past few months.  I have several clients looking on the lake and I was just looking today and 4 of the homes we had looked at just sold!    This is the first time in years that you can get on the water in the 600’s and sometimes in the 500’s on a custom home with a dock! Combine that with low interest rates some buyers getting under 4% and that is a wonderful opportunity to buy your dream home on the lake!   If you are looking for newer large homes from 700k-several million look in Cambridge.  The homes are very nice and many on the water have pools.  Looking for a gate community on the water?   Check out Admirals Bay and Breakwater.   Want to walk to shopping, Bella Vita, marina, and still live on Water?  Go to Bridgewater!  Want an mature lot with huge trees check out the original Geist neighborhood Masthead.   You can live on coves currently for in the 600’s and main body for as low as mid 700’s. I just looked at a beautiful home in Masthead with one the best views in Indiana of mainbody Geist!   Call me if you are considering buying a home on Geist Reservoir at 317-371-8133 or you can email me at [email protected]!



Should I Live in Carmel, Zionsville, Geist, or Fishers Indiana?

Should I Live in Carmel, Zionsville, Northside Indy, or Geist?

This is a question many of my clients ask me when they begin their search on the Northside Immediate Suburbs of Downtown(all within 30 minutes of downtown).

I grew up in Zionsville, went to Private school on Northside of Indy(Brebeuf),  have worked in Carmel and Castleton for 7 years and have lived in East Fishers  in my adult life so I have lived all over the Northside!    My clients who relocate here typically look in Carmel, then Geist and Zionsville.   Zionsville is typically the most expensive, then Carmel and Geist.   Carmel has the #1 ranked school system.   The high school is very large.  My clients who want private schools live in Meridian Kessler/Hills and send their kids to Park Tudor, Cathedral, Brebeuf, or Chatard.    There are plenty of options for what you are looking for.  If you are looking at homes over 350k first look at Carmel then expand to Zionsville, Geist, and Northside Indy from there I recommend starting in Carmel then going to Zionsville, and possibly Geist.  Homes under 350k I highly recommend looking at Fishers too, ,which has been ranked the #1 town in America, #1 safest town in America, etc.(if you google it you will see all of it).   Carmel is where most the clients start to get a feel for the area. If you want more rolling hills and woods with a small quaint feel, Zionsville is a great option too.  If you want to be near the lake, Geist is the best option. I have a boat on Geist and love it that’s why I choose to live in that area.   All three areas are family friendly with good schools.   Half of Geist is Indy schools which are not as highly ranked, but the other half is Fishers Schools.   The best part of relocating to the Northside of Indy is you are going to get so much for your money then most places in the country!   All the areas I mentioned are within 30 miles of downtown Indy!   Here’s some link to school info…..


Carmel Schools-

Fishers Schools-

Zionsville Schools-

Geist Schools-


Call me at 317-371-8133 or email me at [email protected] and I would be happy to speak to you about  the different areas as I specialize in these areas and know the best places to live for different lifestyles! 

Boating Season is Here on Geist Reservoir

Boating Season is here on Geist Reservoir!    With the weather warming up to the 70’s and 80’s boaters from around Central Indiana are getting their boats in the water for another great season of boating.   If you do not live on the lake you can either drop your boat into the lake each time and pay a small fee which ranges from weekdays and more expensive on weekends or you can rent a boat slip at the marina.   The marina slips range from $1400 to around $2400 a season.   I keep my boat in the marina every year and love it.  It is very convenient to walk right to your boat and go out for a little bit without the hassle of taking out of the water.  Many neighborhoods in the Geist area have deeded docks too which is really great for many of our clients who are buying a home in Geist!    Your Geist Waterfront Experts will be out giving boat tours of the homes for sale this summer!


Call The Andrew Neal Group at Re/Max at 317-339-8133 or you can email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or have interest in living on or around Geist Reservoir!   We are here to help!


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