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Should I Update My Kitchen to Sell My Home?

Updating your kitchen is the single most important update you can do to sell your home.   As the saying goes Kitchens and Baths sell homes!    If you have an old outdated kitchen,  give it an upgrade!   If you budget around $10,000 you should be able to get a return atleast twice that in many situations.   Replace or paint the cabinets.  Replace the appliances with stainless steel!   Upgrade the lighting.  Install Granite Countertops!  With doing these things your home is going to appeal to the majority of buyers and you will get top price for your home in a timey manner!

Call me if you are considering selling your home or upgrading your kitchen and need someone to help!

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When Should You Get a Home Inspection?

When Should You Get a Home Inspection?  The answer is always!   We represent a large amount of people buying homes and we always highly recommend getting a home inspection.  I was just at an inspection for an out of state client yesterday and I met with my home inspector from Clearview Home Inspections.  This was a brand new home from one of the top builders but he still was finding items!   Although a brand new home typically has a warranty it is best to get a home inspector in the home to handle all the issues before you close on the home.  Most builders I know will gladly repair anything that is wrong on a brand new home in order to satisfy the buyer.  That is where your Realtor comes in to play!  Myself and my team aggressively negotiate all inspection repairs for our clients so they get their new home in an acceptable condition with no hidden suprises!   On a resale home it is extremely important to get a full inspection.  Almost every resale home has issues and it is important to get a 3rd party licensed inspector in to make sure the home is up to code and repairs are revealed(many times the owner does not even know of some of the issues!)    Get an inspection when buying a home!   If you are considering selling a home you can get a preinspection too which will result in you not having any suprises when a buyer has their own inspection!


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Beach in Fishers has just opened! Saxony Beach

Now this another great reason why I love living and selling Real Estate in Fishers, Indiana.   A beach on a small man made lake has just opened in the planned community of Saxony located just west of 131st and Olio Road in East Fishers.   Yesterday, June 9th 2012, I had the pleasure of taking my 3 year old son to experience this great beach.   They just added this and it is called Saxony Beach.   There was a shaved Ice Truck out front and there are life guards  and kayak rentals for the whole family to enjoy!  I heard another day there was a Gigi’s Cupcake Truck out front too! My son loved wading in the water and building sand castles.  I love Fishers, Indiana!   The hours are Tuesday through Sunday 11-7 p.m.(closed on Mondays).   I moved here years ago for Geist Reservoir now we have a beach as well!  Call or email me if you have any questions about this or anything to do with living in Fishers!



Directions- 131st and Olio Road, Go West on 131st into Saxony.  Take the second right to the beach on the left. Thanks.



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Geist Fireworks 2012, Blast on the Bridge!

Geist Fireworks 2012, Blast on the Bridge is going to be a great event this year.    I love going to the Fireworks at Geist Reservoir with my family and highly recommend it for all ages!   The biggest Geist summer event starts at 5:30 and ends at 11 p.m.  The bridge near the marina closes for preshow and the firework show where spectators can come and bring lawnchairs to watch all the festivities such as music, food, skydivers, a boat parade, and    Over 20,000 people attended the event in 2011!


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When it is a good idea to do a Short Sale?

I am a top listing agent on the Northside of Indianapolis, specializing in Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Geist, and Wash Twp Indy.    I meet with typically 2-3 homeowners a week about selling their home.   Meeting with so many people considering selling their home after the market correction of 2008-2011 I do run into people who cannot afford to sell their home.    Home’s are not worth in these areas what they were in 2006 and if the owner does not have equity a short sale may be a good option.   Short sale is when you sell your home for less then you owe and ask the lender/bank to forgive the difference.  It does affect your credit but not as bad a foreclosure and can get you out of a tight situation if you move. If you are considering a short sale, I highly recommend calling a Realtor who does it.   My team has an expert on it that knows everything that needs to be done to get a short sale approved.   If the home is priced correctly, all the proper documentation is provided, and your agent markets it and negotiates correctly with the bank you can have a smooth transaction!  It takes several months to get approved, and the better agent you have for the short sale the faster and more likely the sale will be approved.  If you want to call John Wright, Re/Max Legends The Andrew Neal Group at 317-850-3771 he will be able to answer all your questions and would be happy to meet with you to discuss selling your home!