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Geist Waterfront Home Boat Tours Beginning May 1, 2013

The Andrew Neal Group, Geist Luxury Waterfront Experts, are excited to announce that we will be providing Geist Waterfront Home Boat Tours Beginning May 1, 2013.    We have been boating on Geist  for over 10 years and believe before purchasing a home on Geist, you should see it from the water!

Call The Andrew Neal Group at 317-371-8133 or email [email protected] to reserve a tour!


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How to Deal with Multiple Offers as a Buyer

Imagine this, you begin your search online, and you find 5 perfect homes.  You call up your agent and go out on a Saturday morning to look at the options.  You fall in love with one of them, and have your agent write up a purchase agreement.   Once you sign it and have your agent submit the offer to the listing broker your agent hears from the broker that there are several offers on the table and the home has only been on the market 1 day!   This is not an uncommon scenario in the current market!  In Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, and Geist, where I specialize in selling Real Estate I see this almost every week!   So what do you do?

Most the time they ask you for your highest and best offer.   Have your agent run the numbers and if they specialize in the area they should be able to provide you with the value of the home.  Imagaine the home is listed for $400,000, but it’s worth $425,000.   Would you be ok with paying $425,000 for a house priced at $400,000.  Well the answer is if you really want the house pay market value for it and as long as no one overpays you will get the home.  If you are unwilling to pay over asking for a home then you may not get it!   Many people are paying over asking right now and the good thing is your lender will have an appraisal to justify the value. If you offer too high and the value comes in lower the owners will more likely be willing to negotiate down to the market value unless they have a cash offer higher then the market value!   Be aggressive, don’t overpay, but don’t underpay!

Second, make sure to make your offer clean.  Have your agent figure out with the other agent what the ideal closing time is with the seller. Is it today or is it 60 days from now?  If you match what the seller wants in terms of closing date this could help you offer significantly.   Do not add any contigencies such as a home to sell, sellers do not like to see this.  Pay your own closing costs, many buyers ask seller to pay their closing costs and if you pay your own it looks much cleaner and you are possibly a more financially sound candidate!

Feel free to contact me anytime to speak about this situation in more detail.   If  you are not winning in bidding wars and you cannot figure out why I am able to help! We may be able to offer you some great advise on how to get you the home of your dreams!

Andrew Neal, RE/MAX, 317-371-8133 or [email protected]

Northside Indy, Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, and Geist Expert Award Winning Realtor

Indianapolis Yacht Club on Geist Open House this Sunday March 24th, 2013 1-4 p.m.!

Make sure not to miss the Indianapolis Yacht Club on Geist Open House this Sunday March 24th, 2013 1-4 p.m.! If you are a boater and are looking for a great club with bar, restaurant, and pool don’t miss this opportunity to take a look!    Social Memberships are available as well if you do not have a boat!

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The Andrew Neal Group, Geist Waterfront Real Estate Experts and Avid Boating Enthuasists!  317-371-8133 or [email protected]

Carmel, Fishers, and Northside Indy Markets Improve, Many Buyers Looking, Homes in Short Supply

As one of the top Northside Indy Realtors covering Fishers, Carmel, Geist, and Washington Township Indy, I am seeing a drastic change in the market. We sold 4 homes this past week, the market has been on fire!  While working with one of my clients looking for a home in Fishers, Indiana in the middle of March 2013, in the mid $200,000 range, I ran into homes selling left and right, homes in multiple offers, and every home I showed there were multiple parties looking at it.   I was able to secure a home for my client which they love, but we had to get in the first few days on the market and make a really good offer to get it!

The market has drastically shifted due to a few factors.  One it seems many people are still waiting to see if prices rebound more or until it warms up to sell their home.   This has caused a short supply of homes on the market.   Second, there is a huge amount of homebuyers coming into the market due to low interest rates(under 4% some getting under 3%!).    With this happening on the Northside it is becoming harder to find the right home making even more important for a buyer to higher a top Realtor who knows the market and knows homes not on market or coming on the market.  The top agents such as my group will know how to get you in the home fast when it hits the market and know how to write and negotiate the right offer to get you your dream home!   For sellers this means they have more control then they have in the past 6 or so years.   They can demand a slightly higher price in many areas and do not have to negotiate as much.   If you are looking to sell your home, now is a great time as when supply is low it becomes a sellers market, meaning seller has an advantage!

Call Andrew Neal, Remax The Andrew Neal Group, 317-371-8133 or email me at [email protected] if you are considering buying or selling in Fishers, Carmel, or Northside Indy and I would be happy to advise and help you in what you should do in this new market!

Carmel, Indiana Luxury Real Estate Report

Carmel, Indiana is a great suburb for luxury living.   As a top Luxury Real Estate Agent in Carmel, Fishers, and Geist, I have many clients who either buy or sell or both in the area.   There are so many options from amazing $5,000,0000 estates to custom 6000 sq/ft homes for $500,000!    Carmel is the #1 suburb for highend living in Indianapolis. With #1 Ranked Schools, Great Dining and Shopping Options, plenty of land, and only a 30 minute commute to downtown Indianapolis Carmel has it all for Central Indiana living!

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Highest Priced Home for Sale-  $5,000,000, 3 acres, almost 23,000sq/ft mansion for sale with RE/MAX! Link to home-

Highest Sales Price in last 12 months- 2012 Indianapolis Dream Home for 2.65 million

Homes over $500,000 on the market- 137

Homes over $500,000 sold in past 12 months- 203 homes average per sqft $167, highest $518, and lowest $89

The luxury market is improving in Carmel, Indiana and now is the time to invest in a great home!   Call Andrew Neal, Luxury Real Estate Expert at 317-371-8133 to buy or sell a Carmel home!




Luxury Living in Fishers/Geist, Indiana

Fishers, Indiana is a wonderful town which has won many awards such as but not limited to best town to live in America and best town to raise a family.   As a Luxury Real Estate Specialist in Fishers and Geist areas, I sell many great luxury homes around the area.   The best part about luxury living in Fishers, Indiana is there are plenty of great neighborhoods that offer luxury homes in Fishers/Geist.   Luxury homes in the area  begin around $500,000 for a custom 5500sqft home in Canal Place up to 5.5 million for a custom  Geist waterfront manison over 10,000sqft.

Areas- Many of the areas which luxury Real Estate is offered are near golf course country clubs such as Hamilton Proper and also around Geist Reservoir which half is Fishers which offers great water recreation for boaters, fisherman, sailors, and swimmers!

Quick Fishers/Geist Luxury Stats

-Currently there are 74 luxury homes for sale

-5 Sold in 2013 ranging from a 5228 Brand New Custom home in Brooks Park to a 1.137 million  Golf custom home in Hamilton Proper(average per sqft sales price of $163 sq/ft with average selling time at 112 days)


If you are considering buying or selling a luxury Fishers/Geist home be sure to call you Luxury Real Estate Specialists The Andrew Neal Group at 317-371-8133 or email us direct at [email protected]

A Special Thank You to NBC WTHR Channel 13 For Featuring The Andrew Neal Group’s For Sale Signs on 6 pm News

A Special Thank You For NBC WTHR Channel 13 For Featuring The Andrew Neal Group’s For Sale Signs on 6 pm News!


Here’s the link to the report on the housing recovery featuring The Andrew Neal Group at RE/MAX For Sale Signs………….


Call The Andrew Neal Group at 317-371-8133 or email us direct at [email protected] if you are considering buying or selling a home anywhere in Greater Indianapolis and suburbs!


2012 Geist Lakefront Home Sales Report

Geist Reservoir Lakefront Homes had a great year of sales in 2012!   49 waterfront homes on Geist Sold in 2012!   This is a great amount almost 1 a week!   As a Geist Expert Realtor I had a lot of clients out looking at all the great options Geist has to offer from Huge Waterfront Mansions such as the 2008 Indianapolis Dream Home which sold to a Pacer Player on 9/20/2012 to a home on Feather Bay for $240,000.

Below is a summary of Geist Reservoir Lakefront Homes Sold in 2012-


49 Homes Sold

Highest Sale- 9873 Hampton Cove Lane, Hampton Cove Indy, 11,322sqfto- $1.9 million

Medium Sales Price- $657,920/$186/sqft

Lowest Sales-11270 Black Walnut Point, Feather Bay, 2994sqft-$240,000/$107/sqft


See All Geist Lakefront Homes For Sale-


Call Andrew Neal, RE/MAX,  Your Geist Lakefront Expert at 317-371-8133 or email direct at [email protected] if you are considering buying or selling a home on Geist Reservoir!

Be sure to look out for our Geist Lakefront Boat Tours Beginning Again in April 2013!




Forbes Ranks Fishers, Indiana #3 Friendliest City in America!

Forbes has just Ranked Fishers, Indiana the #3 Friendliest City in America.   The award was given for low crime rates, high homeownership, highly educated population, and plenty of community activities!    Fishers is a wonderful place to live and I am so happy that Fishers just was ranked this as they deserve it very much.  I live and have sold Real Estate in the Fishers area for over 7 years and everyone of my clients has been very happy living in the area!   Overall everyone is so friendly and it is a great place to raise a family!  If you are considering buying or selling a home in Fishers give me a call at 317-371-8133 or email me at [email protected]!


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Make Sure to Reserve Your Boat Slip in Geist Marina By March 15,2013

Make Sure to Reserve Your Boat Slip in Geist Marina By March 15,2013!   One of the great reasons for living in East Fishers or the Geist Area is access to Geist Reservoir.     For people who do not live right on the lake you can rent a boat slip for the boating season(April-October).    The Marina just notified everyone that you will need to reserve it by March 15th if you want to keep your same boat slip from last year!   If you do not make the deadline each slip will be first come first serve.  To reserve your slip it will be a 50% deposit.

I have been renting a slip in the Marina for over 5 years and have enjoyed every minute of it!   It is easy to park and walk right down to your boat and go out and enjoy all Geist Reservoir has to offer from skiing, wakeboarding, to evening cruises, swimming, and sunbathing.   We love to give boat tours to people looking to buy on or around the Geist Reservoir area during boating season as well!


See All Geist Reservoir Lakefront Homes For Sale-


Call Andrew Neal, Geist Expert Realtor at 317-371-8133 or email him at [email protected]  if you are considering buying or selling a home on or around Geist!