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Remodeling your kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best improvements you can do to your home.  Many older homes have old cabinets, outdated appliances, and not very appealing flooring.   As a Real Estate agent I see all kinds of kitchens.  Updating your kitchen can add signficant value to your home and also can help you sell it quicker if you are on the market.

There are five signicant portions of the kitchens to update.  First you want to replace the cabinets.   There are many different types of cabinets that vary in price.   Some of the most attractive cabinets currently are Cherry.  They look great with the second upgrade the countertops.  With these I recommend installing Granite, Quartz, or Corian.  All three are solid surface and very popular with buyers.   If you want the most bang for your buck do Granite.    The third upgrade is the flooring.  I recommend doing hardwoods or ceramic tile.  If you are on a tight budget wood laminates may work as well.   The fourth update are the appliances.  If you are selling go with Stainless Steel.  The majority of buyers like this currently.  If you are updating your home to live in for a while pick out a color that works best for you.  Some people don’t like Stainless, because it is hard to clean, but the majority of my clients seem to love it and it makes the kitchen pop.  The final update is the lighting.  I highly suggest installing premium lighting and a lot of it to show off the kitchen you just installed!

If you are considering selling or doing it to just improve your home, updating the kitchen is one of the most important steps you can do to increase the value of your home.