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Landscaping and Preparing Your Home’s Yard to Sell This Spring

Curb Appeal is one of the most important factor in selling your home this Spring.

1)Have Professionals Mulch Your Yard, Trees, and Garden with high quality Mulch!

2)Plant Trees, Flowers, etc.-make your yard look alive and great!

3)Water, Water, and more Water Your Lawn-let the grass grow

4)Cut the grass weekly and before every showing! Nothing sells a home like a freshly cut grass!

5)Seed and Fertilize Your Lawn!

Follow these five steps and imagine you looking at homes and that’s what a buyer wants!  Happy Selling and Call DealwithNeal at 317-513-7695 for a free estimate on selling your home!

Staging a Home to Sell

Staging your home with furniture is a very important step in the selling process.  Since the Real Estate downturn, we typically recommend that a vacant home be staged by a professional staging company to be shown in it’s best light.    Potential buyer’s love to see how a professional decorator with nice furniture would lay out furniture in the home.     Staging increases your chances of selling your home and also helps you get the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time.  For example, I listed a property in the exclusive Bridgewater Golf Community in Carmel.  It had been on the market with another Real Estate company for months without any offers and we came in with our preferred staging company and had an accepted offer on the property under 30 days!  Another example is when we flip homes in Broad Ripple. We always stage the homes after they are renovated and sell them quick!     If your home is vacant or if it needs a facelift, we highly recommend speaking with a professional staging company.

The Andrew Neal Group recommends  Polly Reasner with Staged Homes of Indy- 317-997-3834

Call us at 317-814-5530 or email us at [email protected] if you would like us to take a look at your home and determine if it needs to be staged before selling!  


Top 10 Habits of a Successful Seller of a Home

1)Price Home Correctly– This is the most important factor.  Have an experienced Realtor run comparable sales to determine your homes value and price right at the value.

2)Update/Repair Home-The homeowner who wants to sell in a timely manner will do all updates/repairs. Does your roof leak? Fix it.  Is the paint peeling on the outside of your home. Paint it!  You get the idea!

3)Stage Home-Prepare your home to look like a model.  This will differentiate yourself from your competition.  Use nice furniture get rid of old furniture.

4)Allow All Showings-If a buyer needs to see it on short notice, get out of the house!  The best candidate for your home may need to see it quickly or at an inconvenient time. Be flexible and the more people that see your home the faster it will sell!

5)De-clutter-  Buyers do not want to buy homes that are covered in stuff.  Donate somethings, sell some on Craigslist, just get rid of them!

6)Neutralize- Paint your walls beige and trim white, and get rid of all wallpaper.   The current trend is beige walls/white trim if possible!

7)Consider All Offers and Negotiate-  Buyers want to negotiate and most of them start low and then come up to a fair price.  Don’t just turn down offers, look at the big picture and try to work out a deal that works for you and the buyer.  Many times your first offer is your best buyer!

8)Turn on All Lights Before Showing- Homes show much better with the lights on

9)Clean The House Before Every Showing-  A clean house will be a sold house!

10)Trust your Realtor– After hiring the Right Realtor, follow their advise and work together and not against each other to achieve a sale of your home!


Call The Andrew Neal Group, Century 21 Scheetz, at 317-814-5530 or email us at [email protected] to setup a free listing consultation!

When Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home, Hire a Promoter

When it comes time to sell your home it is very critical that you do not just hire any agent you hire someone that knows how to promote.  One of the most famous examples of a promoter is the Real Estate mogul Donald Trump.    As a developer, he promotes every building/project as the most luxurious best property out there for the money.  This is exactly what a good Real Estate Agent does with their business and their properties!   But how does a consumer find a Real Estate Agent that is a good promoter?

1)   One of the best ways to figure out if an agent is a good promoter is to look at how they promote themselves onlines in their areas of expertise.  Look online at the top sites Facebook,,, etc.  For example, if your home is in Fishers, IN go on Zillow and search Fishers, IN,  and see who the premiere agents are promoting their properties for sale and business online.  You will be able to tell the top promoters on these various websites.  Also, google various Real Estate terms and the top promoters will show up in many of your searches.

2)Look in your neighborhood and community to see what agents are promoting the best.  Who is showing off the properties in the best way possible?  Who is making the homes for sale look like the deal out there?    

In order to get top dollar in a timely manner hire a Real Estate Agent who is also a promoter!


If you are considering selling your home in Fishers, Carmel, or Geist, feel free to call us at 317-814-5530 today for a free market evaluation!

Do Open Houses Work in Fishers, Indiana?

Many Fishers clients of mine ask me when I am putting their home up for sale, whether or not they should have an open house?    Open houses can be effective when you have the proper house with the following criteria:

1)Priced at or below market value

2)Open house is right when the home comes on the market(or before)

3)Close to a main road(easy to advertise by signs-(if it is in the back of the neighborhood very few will find it)

4)In perfect condition(clean, neutral, updated, etc.)

5)Heavily marketed online(facebook,craigslist,,,, various real estate websites, etc.)

If the home does not meet most or all of these criteria most likely the turnout will be small and the majority of the people who will come are nosy neighbors or people who have to sell their home first(and they had to get out of their home that day while their agent held it open).   

If your home does meet these factors open houses can be successful.  We have sold homes in open  houses or sparked interest so the buyers came back at a later date and purchased the home.  Happy Selling!

If you want to sell your Fishers, Indiana home, call The Andrew Neal Group 317-814-5530 and remember to DealwithNeal in Fishers!

How to Sell A Home

Many people are wondering how to sell their home.   As a top Fishers and Geist Realtor in Indiana, I have successfully helped many people and families sell their homes for years and have learned the most effective ways to sell your home.  The first step is either to contact a licensed Realtor in your area or sell your home yourself.  

Selling your home yourself can be a good option.  If your home is in a desirable area(none or not many homes on market, homes all sell in the first couple weeks on market) and is in top condition(granite/stainless kitchen, hardwoods, premium lot, etc)you can price your home below market value and have an opportunity to sell it.  First, get an appraisal to find out a realistic market value.  Second, price your home below the market value atleast 5-10%.  You will want to do this because compared to the other homes on the MLS, your home will not be seen by as many people.  But with the majority of buyer’s beginning their search online, you can reach a bigger audience then For Sale By Owner’s in the past.  Make a website for your home and then post it every 3 or so days on and on Zillow.   Zillow is a really hot Real Estate website and as an agent I get a lot of buyer’s interest on Zillow(they offer a ForSaleByOwner option).   Also, hold your home open when Realtors in your neighborhood are holding your neighbor’s home open and get some of their traffic.   Promote, Promote, Promote, and get an offer!   When you get an offer I recommend you have an attorney write up the purchase agreement to make sure it is legally binding and succesfully closes(usually takes 30 to 45 days if it is a loan).  Cash buyer can close right away.

If you decide that you do not want to take the liability of representing yourself it is very important that you hire the right Real Estate agent.   Typically 5% of Realtors do 95% of the sales in any given area.   Do your research.  Don’t just use who your friend used, because they may have had an easy to sell home and the agent got lucky.   Find who is selling in your area.  For example, I am one of the top agents in Fishers and Geist.  I live in Fishers and have successfully represented many people get the most for their home in the short amount of time.  I know the benefits of living in the area.  For example, I bought my home in Fishers because it was close to Geist Reservoir and I really like boating. There is a public marina I rent a dock slip in every year and can access the lake within 5 minute drive of my house.  I also know the schools, best places to eat, best parks, etc.   If someone is looking at one of my homes for sales in Fishers, I am able to tell them why they should buy it.  Don’t just hire a southside Indy agent to sell your Fishers home.  Hire the area Real Estate expert.  Listen to their price advice and interview atleast one other agent to compare.  Hire an agent that blogs about the area.   This shows they are tech savvy and know your area.   Go on Google and type in your area and see who is writing about it.  From there hire the agent and let them go to work aggressively marketing your home for sale to buyers online and to other top area agents.  Have your home always in top conditon and let as many people in as possible.  They will pull the most interest and  get you an offer or multiple offers so you can move!   

Whatever route you go, doing it the right way will increase your odds of selling in a timely manner for the highest price possible.  Good luck selling and get moving!

If you live in Fishers, Geist or surrounding areas and would like to interview The Andrew Neal Group call 317-814-5530 or fill out contact us next to this blog. Thanks.

Flipping Homes in Broad Ripple

The current Real Estate Market has created many fantastic Investment Opportunties throughout the country.  Prices are down foreclosures/HUD Homes etc. are coming on the market daily, creating many great chances for investors to buy Real Estate at a discount, rehab the properties, and sell for a profit.

We at The Andrew Neal Group at Century 21 Scheetz in the Indianapolis area love to invest and help other investors profit from buying HUD/Foreclosure Properties, help rehab the property, and then we sell it for a substantial profit.  Here is a video below of one of the homes we are working on currently in the South Broad Ripple area on the Northside of Indianapolis, a hot area for investing.




My personal favorite area to invest is in Broad Ripple.   In the Broad Ripple Area, we purchase homes typically between 20k-40k cash for our investors and then rehab them for between 25k-35k.   The homes are usually HUD, Bankowned, or Estate Sales.  We then go on to sell the homes for between 95k-120k.  The renovations to the homes typically include, new roof, repaint siding, new windows, restain hardwoods, ceramic tile kitchen, new cabinets in kitchen, new granite countertops, new stainless appliances, paint interior of home beige with white trim, possibly finish basement if numbers work, etc.   We then stage the home and put the home on the market.  The home’s typically sell within 1 day-2 weeks on the market.


The Andrew Neal Group helps investors locate potential properties throughout the Indianapolis area.  The most popular places are in Broad Ripple and Eastside Indianapolis.  If you would like us to help you with your investing needs feel free to call us at 317-371-8133 or email us [email protected]

How to Price Your Home For Sale

Many Homeowners want to know how to put a value on their home.  Typically a homeowner wants more for their house then it is worth, and the buyers are only willing to pay market value and in a declining market below market value for a home.   The best advice I give my clients as a professional Real Estate agent, and a listing expert, is to price the home at the current market value right away when going on the market with a professional Real Estate Agent or selling For Sale By Owner.  Many factors come in to play when considering pricing.  Below I have listed some but not all the factors by importance-

1) Comparable Sales-  The homes in the neighborhood or area that have sold in the past 6-12 months are extremely important.  By pure numbers alone,  it is good to find a home with similiar sq footage and also in similiar condition.   Say your neighbor’s home is 3000sq ft and your home is 3100 sq ft.   Say the home sells for $300,000 in 30 days.  The way many agents figure it out is divide the listing price by the sq footage.  $300,000 divided by 3000 is 100.  This means the neighbor’s home sold $100 a sq ft in 30 days.  If the home is very comparable in condition, upgrades, lot/view, and location(same neighborhood) then you could take 100 x 3100(the subject properties sq footage)=suggested listing price $310,000.  I completely advise that you take atleast 2 to 3 comparables and take the average just in case the sale was a fluke(neighbor’s friend bought it and paid too much etc.)


2)Condition-  I highly suggest your home be in the best shape possible.  Clean and Neutral is very important.  The popular colors in our area is typically beige walls and white trim.  If your home has dark trim it may be a great investment to paint your trim white along with neutralize your walls. Consult a professional. Get rid of all wallpaper!  Not all buyer’s share your personal tastes, and buyer’s want move-in ready in the current market.  Turn-Key properties sell the quickest for the highest value.  If your home is not in this condition, you will need to significantly take a price reduction off the comparable sales in the right condition.

3)Lot/View-  When you go to a builder you typically pay a premium for a wooded, pond, or private lot.  Many of the production builders in Fishers/Carmel etc. charge between a few thousand up to $20,000 When pricing your home take this in to consideration.  If you paid $10,000 premium for your wooded lot and the comparable sales back to other homes, add 5-10k on your value!  Premium lots bring premium value and interest.

4)Staging/Presentation-  Homes that sell present themselves well.  Go into a local builder model and analyze, if you don’t know any give me a call at 317-513-7695 or email me at [email protected] and I can recommend some places to look.  These vacant homes are typically staged with furniture and decorated.  I have a great staging company to use if you need one.  Homes that are staged show the buyer how their furniture is going to fit in the rooms and also make the home show like a model.  Major builders and professional stagers know what they are doing so trust your professionals.  If you want premium dollar for your home or want to sell in a timely manner, I highly recommend you atleast consider staging.  Staging smaller homes can cost under $1,000 and larger homes reach higher costs, but the return on investment is almost always there if you do it right.

5)Hire The Right Professional-  If you seek professional Real Estate Counsel, you may be able to get a higher value for your home.  The reason for this is the more demand there is for a home and less supply, the higher the price.   If all your neighbor’s are For Sale By Owner, and you go on the market, you may be able to get a higher price, because on the MLS there is less competition in your neighborhood.   More buyer’s will see your home which will increase the demand and possibly the value.

All these factors and more can have an impact on value of your home.  If you are in the Metropolitan Indianapolis area or Hamilton County, I am here to help you as a Real Estate Professional as well.  If you want to know your value or just want some friendly advice,feel free to give me a call or email.  My name is Andrew Neal, and I am a top Real Estate Agent at Re/Max Legends.  You can visit me at, call me at 317-513-7695, or email me at [email protected].  Thank you for reading how to price and prepare your home for sale.

Selecting an Agent to Sell Your Home

Since the Real Estate downturn in the past 3 or 4 years it  is more important than ever to choose the right Real Estate Agent.   In order to select the right Realtor it is very important to interview atleast a few agents and determine who will represent you the best.  I have listed a few questions below that you should ask an agent when you interview them to sell your home:


1)Do you sell homes in my area?
2)What is your companies position(rank) in my marketplace?
3)How many homes have you personally listed and sold this year?
4)How long have you been a licensed Realtor in my area?
5)How long will it take to sell my home if we price it at market value?
6)What is the market value of my home and how do you determine this value?
7)Are you a full-time Realtor or do you have another job?
8)How do negotiations work once you present me an offer?
9)Do you have a contractor that can do qualified work at a fair price after inspection?
10) What updates are worth doing prior to listing?
11)When is the best day to list my property?
12) How confident are you that you will sell my home for the highest price in a predetermined amount of time?
13)What is your commission rate?
14)How much do you compensate the buyer’s agent?
15)How important is internet marketing to you and what websites can I see your current marketing of properties
16) When can you list my home and how quickly can you get it fully on the market?
17)Do you hire a professional photographer?

By asking these questions you should be able determine who is the right fit to represent you.  If you would like to interview The Andrew Neal Group at Re/Max Legends, feel free to call us at 317-513-7695 or you can email me at [email protected] Thank you.

Remodeling your kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best improvements you can do to your home.  Many older homes have old cabinets, outdated appliances, and not very appealing flooring.   As a Real Estate agent I see all kinds of kitchens.  Updating your kitchen can add signficant value to your home and also can help you sell it quicker if you are on the market.

There are five signicant portions of the kitchens to update.  First you want to replace the cabinets.   There are many different types of cabinets that vary in price.   Some of the most attractive cabinets currently are Cherry.  They look great with the second upgrade the countertops.  With these I recommend installing Granite, Quartz, or Corian.  All three are solid surface and very popular with buyers.   If you want the most bang for your buck do Granite.    The third upgrade is the flooring.  I recommend doing hardwoods or ceramic tile.  If you are on a tight budget wood laminates may work as well.   The fourth update are the appliances.  If you are selling go with Stainless Steel.  The majority of buyers like this currently.  If you are updating your home to live in for a while pick out a color that works best for you.  Some people don’t like Stainless, because it is hard to clean, but the majority of my clients seem to love it and it makes the kitchen pop.  The final update is the lighting.  I highly suggest installing premium lighting and a lot of it to show off the kitchen you just installed!

If you are considering selling or doing it to just improve your home, updating the kitchen is one of the most important steps you can do to increase the value of your home.