Should I Live in Carmel or Fishers, Indiana?

Should I live in Carmel or Fishers, Indiana is a popular question I hear on a weekly basis!    I specialize in the two areas and my answer is it depends both are great!!


CarmelCityCenterMany corporate relocation clients and out of state buyers in my experience are recommended to start their search in Carmel,Indiana.   I hear this many times. Carmel is a wonderful city and the location of my offices.   The Downtown has been completely redone and is amazing.  I love enjoying the restaurants, Monon Trail, and everything else the Downtown has to offer.   Carmel also has the highest and most expensive Real Estate in Indiana on average.   Carmel has the #1 ranked schools and is very established.   Many of the streets have been redone as well and it offers a feeling of living in a very established community.   In West Carmel and Northeast Carmel there is new construction, but many of the homes are in older communities.   Built in the 70’s-90s these neighborhoods offer great yards, big trees, and a great environment to live.  The new construction tends to have smaller yards but new is new! The landscape of Carmel is mainly flat which is the only negative I hear from buyers.




GeistViewI love Fishers, Indiana as well.   Fishers offers a more  up and coming suburban city experience.   The downtown is just being redeveloped now and will offer many great things Carmel’s downtown offers and also new options as well.  The advantage of living in Fishers is you still get good schools, but the price of your home will be less.   For example, a 300k Carmel home may cost 270-280k in Fishers!   Fishers also border Geist Reservoir, which is a great waterfront experience for boating, fishing, waterfront dining etc.   I personally built my home in East Fishers almost 10 years ago as I wanted to be close the lake and rent a slip in the marina every year for my boat.   Fishers has many parks as well!


I hope my summary of both areas gives you a starting point for your Real Estate search!   In my opinion it just depends what you are looking for as I work in Carmel and live in Fishers, but I could just as happily live in Carmel so either way I feel you are looking at two great cities!  Feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like help with your Real Estate search!  317-371-8133 or [email protected]

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