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Broad Ripple Village, Northside Indy’s Capital of Dining and Nightlife

Broad Ripple, also know as “Ripple” to people who have grown up in Indy have and gone to Broad Ripple, is the center of Northside Indianapolis’s nightlife and dining!    There are many things to do in Broad Ripple making this a very attractive place to live for our first time homebuyers.   The dining options varie from high end steakhouses and italian restaurants to bar pub food.  Broad Ripple Village offers bars such as the Vogue, O.P.T.s, Rock Lobster, Landsharks, and the newly popular Brother’s among others!  If you like to meet friends for a casual drink or want to dance there is a nightlife place for you. On most nights you will find the streets and sidewalks crowded with mostly people in their 20’s and 30’s going between bar to bar making this a nightlife social hub of the Northside of Indianapolis.  The majority of the homes lie to the South of Broad Ripple Avenue and offer homes from under 100k up to 500-600k with most being around 150-200k.      Below is an assortment of photos from Broad Ripple Village. If you are  considering moving to Broad Ripple give us a call at 317-814-5530 or email us at [email protected]  and we would be happy to give you a tour and explain in more detail of the benefits of living in Broad Ripple!

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