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Top 10 Habits of a Successful Seller of a Home

1)Price Home Correctly– This is the most important factor.  Have an experienced Realtor run comparable sales to determine your homes value and price right at the value.

2)Update/Repair Home-The homeowner who wants to sell in a timely manner will do all updates/repairs. Does your roof leak? Fix it.  Is the paint peeling on the outside of your home. Paint it!  You get the idea!

3)Stage Home-Prepare your home to look like a model.  This will differentiate yourself from your competition.  Use nice furniture get rid of old furniture.

4)Allow All Showings-If a buyer needs to see it on short notice, get out of the house!  The best candidate for your home may need to see it quickly or at an inconvenient time. Be flexible and the more people that see your home the faster it will sell!

5)De-clutter-  Buyers do not want to buy homes that are covered in stuff.  Donate somethings, sell some on Craigslist, just get rid of them!

6)Neutralize- Paint your walls beige and trim white, and get rid of all wallpaper.   The current trend is beige walls/white trim if possible!

7)Consider All Offers and Negotiate-  Buyers want to negotiate and most of them start low and then come up to a fair price.  Don’t just turn down offers, look at the big picture and try to work out a deal that works for you and the buyer.  Many times your first offer is your best buyer!

8)Turn on All Lights Before Showing- Homes show much better with the lights on

9)Clean The House Before Every Showing-  A clean house will be a sold house!

10)Trust your Realtor– After hiring the Right Realtor, follow their advise and work together and not against each other to achieve a sale of your home!


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