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Geist Water Levels

          Reservoirs throughout Central Indiana are down due to a significant drought.    The Reservoirs were created by the water company to store water.    Neighborhoods grew around the main 3 Reservoirs(Geist, Morse, and Eagle Creek), and many people enjoy recreation such as boating, fishing, and swimming ever summer.   The water company has begun draining the Reservoirs.   The worst to get hit so far has been Morse, with some reports of the water being down 5-6 ft.   This has caused many docks to be on dry land and has caused some boaters who brave the shallow waters to hit the ground.    Eagle Creeks water levels have gone down a few feet.

Geist is down 2 feet as well as the water company has not drained reservoir as much as Morse.    Even with less reduction in water you can tell the water is down in areas and need to be concerned with staying away from shallow areas which used to be 5-6 feet are now 3-4 feet.

In terms of buying a home on the water you want to make sure you buy in an area where the water levels are still 6-8 deep around your dock, so in a drought you can still boat.   Also you want to make sure that you can get out to the mainbody of Geist if you are on a cove or a channel.   Homes with deeded boat docks you should also follow these rules to be able to boat and enjoy the lake all summer long!

The best locations are near the damn where the water is deeper, parts of Feather cove are deep, cocktail cove in Hamilton County is very deep(former gravel pit).  The shallow sections include near Fall Creek past Olio Bridge(there are channels),

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